a beautiful mess

We soaked up of every moment of summer yesterday. Once the rain cleared,  & the temperature dropped, it was sunny and breezy, the perfect days you dream about when you think about summer in New England. I cut plenty of flowers to bring indoors. I had a rough few days, so doing something I love (being in the garden) was great. A bouquet for each room, with a few to spare,  followed by a  good run with the beastie boys, "Brass Monkey" cranked up on the iPod, and ending the night by spotting the first firefly of the season...sometimes life is a beautiful mess.


  1. Beautiful! And I love that you wrote about something so real-we all have ebad days, but it's nice to find things to turn them around.

  2. Life is definitely a beautiful mess. when one door closes, another seems to open.

  3. Very well written. After the rain, there is always a rainbow. Nice pictures.