here comes summer

A few beach essentials.

1. A cozy beach blanket // 2. A boho gauze shirt // 3. Polka dot bikini

4. a great Straw tote  // 5. Denim cut-offs // 6. Black skinny flip flops

7. Organic sunscreen // 8. Nice lip balm with SPF

With the unofficial start of summer approaching us this Memorial Day weekend  I thought I would post some beach staples, rather then my usual weekend links. I welcome languid lazy afternoons in the hammock, followed by a tall glass of ice tea loaded up with mint from the garden, ice cream for dinner, and bare feet. June 1 is my birthday and all I want is a beach day. Here's what I did last year on my birthday, It will be hard to beat. I've already planned a few trips to the beach this summer, and couldn't be happier. What are your go-to beach items? Also, just a side note, Goggle reader will be extinct shortly, so if you are following me on blogger, make sure to switch over with Bloglovin .

Have a fun Memorial day weekend! xo-kate


  1. Love this list! Straw tote (love). ANd that J.crew polka dot bikini is so sweet!

  2. Fab! I always have a nice coverup that is lightweight fabric, so it dries easily. LOVE that tote.

  3. BURTS BEES is pretty nice too! have you tried it? I stick strictly to the organic sunscreen too:) I love that straw tote, and the whole boho throwback look of these....xo

    1. I heart Burt's Bee's too, but it is a little bit thick...