hello september

Bethlehem, CT

Hello fall! After a brutal summer heat wave that lasted up until about a week or so ago, I welcome fall (just a officially a week away!) I spy an orange leaf, a ripe pumpkin, and a huge sunflower. I had a blast at the Bethlehem fair last weekend, treated myself to a deep fried Oreo (don't knock it till you try it). Hello fall, it's nice to see you again. Thanks Simple Kitchen for being my neighbors!


  1. I like the way you carried your color theme through the summer. There is something so nostalgic about a set of mason jars and you capture it perfectly here. Even though I wouldn't know what to do with a set of mason jars, you make me want them.
    Looking forward to your pictures of Fall in New England.

  2. thanks Lorie! You would find things to put in them, like organizing all your buttons in colorful ways...